Our films

The Tinsel King
  • Live Action Family Christmas Adventure
  • Feature Film (100 min.) | in development
  • English

On the night before Christmas Santa’s scary helper Krampus traps the defiant 12 year-old Astrid in his magical bag. Here Astrid encounters the mysterious Keeper, who sends on a dangerous quest in order to win back her freedom.


  • February 2023: We completed the proof-of-concept teaser Message for Puge for The Tinsel King, funded by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH
  • Drama
  • Feature Film (100 min.) | in development
  • German


  • 2022: nordmedia funds the script development. We completed the script in 2023.
  • 2023: nordmedia funds part of the production.
  • Sci-Fi Thriller
  • Series | in development
  • English

When a routine job goes south in the climate crisis-ridden Hanover of 2050 the rogue smuggler Skadi Martens is caught in the crossfire of different dark forces that struggle for control over Earth and the orbiting space city Cockaigne.


  • 2021: nordmedia funds the script development
My Deer
  • Stop-motion 
  • Short film
  • German / English

When a young passer-by sees a set of stag antlers on a living room wall, he believes himself to be that deer. In search of his origin, he is led by the householder, an avid hunter, to a rocky landscape behind her house. Everything turns out to be a ghost train in which they all live.


  • February 2023: We completed the short film, funded by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH


Raav Films was founded in 2022 by Juliane Block and Wolf-Peter Arand to provide a new home for their filmmaking endeavors after they have been collaborating as a writing, directing, and producing team since 2012.

Their mystery thriller 8 Remains saw a 2018 theatrical release in selected cinemas in the US and won the Jury Award at the Capital Filmmakers Berlin in 2019. It was released on Netflix Europe in 2021.

3 Lives, a psychological thriller, was released in the US in 2019. It has seen a theatrical release in Turkey on more than 120 screens and was also released in South Korea, Brazil, Benelux Countries, and Scandinavia.

Juliane and Wolf’s most recent feature, the horror-drama The Curse of Hobbes House, had its premiere at the B3 – Biennale in Frankfurt, Germany, was then released in the US and the UK in 2020 and has been picked up by Netflix Europe for a release in late 2022.

In March 2020 Juliane and Wolf decided to move their base of operation from the UK back to Germany. Since then three of their feature-length screenplays and two of their TV series concepts have been funded by Nordmedia, the North German film funding body.