The Tinsel King

  • Live Action Family Christmas Adventure
  • Feature Film (100 min.) | in development
  • English

On the night before Christmas Santa’s scary helper Krampus traps the defiant 12 year-old Astrid in his magical bag. Here Astrid encounters the mysterious Keeper, who sends on a dangerous quest in order to win back her freedom.


  • February 2023: We completed the proof-of-concept teaser Message for Puge for The Tinsel King, funded by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH


  • Sci-Fi Thriller
  • Series | in development
  • English

When a routine job goes south in the climate crisis-ridden Hanover of 2050 the rogue smuggler Skadi Martens is caught in the crossfire of different dark forces that struggle for control over Earth and the orbiting space city Cockaigne.


  • 2021: nordmedia funds the script development

My Deer

  • Stop-motion 
  • Short film
  • German / English

When a young passer-by sees a set of stag antlers on a living room wall, he believes himself to be that deer. In search of his origin, he is led by the householder, an avid hunter, to a rocky landscape behind her house. Everything turns out to be a ghost train in which they all live.


  • February 2023: We completed the short film, funded by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH

We are 

Wolf-Peter Arand

screenwriter I producer

Juliane Block

director I producer

Raav Films was founded in 2022 by Juliane Block and Wolf-Peter Arand to provide a new home for their filmmaking endeavours. Juliane and Wolf have been collaborating as a producing team since 2012, with Juliane focusing more on directing and Wolf on screenwriting.

Their mystery thriller 8 Remains saw a 2018 theatrical release in selected cinemas in the US and won the Jury Award at the Capital Filmmakers Berlin in 2019. It was released on Netflix Europe in 2021.

3 Lives is a psychological thriller released in the US in 2019. It has seen a theatrical release in Turkey on more than 120 screens and was also released in South Korea, Brazil, Benelux Countries and Scandinavia.

Juliane and Wolf’s most recent feature, the horror-drama The Curse of Hobbes House, had its premiere at the B3 – Biennale in Frankfurt, Germany, was then released in the US and the UK in 2020 and has been picked up by Netflix Europe for a release in late 2022.

In March 2020 Juliane and Wolf decided to move their base of operation from the UK back to Germany. Since then one of their feature-length screenplays and two of their TV series concepts have been funded by Nordmedia, the North German film funding body.

Juliane and Wolf’s new company, Raav Films, has offices in Hanover and Berlin. From there they continue to pursue their mission to shape entertaining stories into captivating cinematic